7 Things You Don’t Want Said About Your Website

30June 2020

It wasn’t so long ago that website designers were seen as magicians, and the more flashy imaginary and fancy background music they built into a website, the more impressive they appeared to be.

It seemed that the more a web designer included in the website that literally shouted out to whoever landed on it, the happier clients were to pay them for their designs.

Thankfully, website design has moved on, and it is no longer about how much noise a site makes, and how many flashing graphics there are on the screen.

Website design trends have evolved, because they have had to in order to take account of the changes in how the internet is now used, with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, being a prime example.

Despite this, it is still shocking to see the number of websites whose owners obviously think the internet, and in particular, websites, haven’t moved on from the last century.

If you ever hear anyone tell you any of the 7 things below about your website, it is time you updated or upgraded it.

Here are those 7 things, and suggestions on how to sort them.

#1 “Your Website Loads Too Slowly”

If your website hasn’t loaded within 2 – 3 seconds, it would as well not load at all, because, in these days of super-fast broadband and data transfer, nobody is going to wait around for it.

Loading speed is also a ranking factor used by Google so it’s a double hit for your website when visitors leave immediately, and Google sends your search engine ranking plummeting.

If you have been getting complaints about how slow your website is, it needs to be optimized for speed. A speed audit can identify where the ‘log jams’ are, and almost all of them can be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

#2 “Your Website Looks Like It’s From The 1990s”

First impressions mean a lot online, and if someone lands on your website, and it looks as though it is older then the legal age for buying liquor, they are going to be out of there fast. While there are many things that mature and blossom with age, websites are not one of them.

Something which looks it was created 10 years ago might just get away with it, but if your website looks like a 1990s tribute, then don’t expect anyone to stay very long.

Just as we all need a bit of a makeover from time to time, so does your website if it is going to be an asset for you, rather than a museum piece.

#3 “Your Website Is Full Of Bling”

As mentioned in the intro, there was a time when websites had to be flashy, with weird color schemes, and animation going on all over the screen.

Modern websites do not assault your eyes in the same way, simply because nowadays people online do not have time to waste while graphics and images distract them from what they came to do, and that includes placing orders.

Website design today uses imagery in a much more subtle and effective way, and in doing so, helps to keep visitors on your website, rather than them clicking away when the kaleidoscope starts.

#4 “Your Website Doesn’t Look Right On My Phone.”

Did you know that mobile devices account for more time spent online than laptops and home computers?

That means that more visitors to your website are using their phones to visit than their PC. Google also shows search results that prioritize mobile-optimized websites.

Those facts mean that if your website has not yet been optimized for viewing on a mobile device, it is going to miss out on lots of traffic, and even if a visitor finds it, they will soon leave as it cannot be viewed properly.

Your website being mobile-friendly isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it is a ‘must-have’! So, check to ensure yours is, and if not, take action to rectify that as soon as possible.

#5 “Your Website Doesn’t Tell Me Who You Are”

Unless your name is Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos, most new visitors to your website are not going to know you or your name. For huge corporations that don’t necessarily have a celebrity owner, that might not be a problem, but for local businesses, it can be.

Increasing sales has many elements to it, but if you are not making a connection with your customers and building a relationship with them, then all the other work you do is made more difficult.

To achieve that on a website an About Us page should be a minimum so that anyone visiting can at least see that there is a real person or persons behind the business.

Thereafter you should be communicating with then via email, social media, or other forms of communication such as message bots.

Each of these lines of communication can be set up in a relatively short period of time, and the investment you make in doing so will be returned many times over, thanks to the better relationship they help you build with your customers.

#6 “Your Website Has No Way For Me To Contact You”

It beggars belief that some business owners take the time and fund the investment to have a new website built, and yet somehow do not have any contact details on the site.

Your website is a means of your letting people know your business exists, and on it, there should be some way for your current, and more importantly, your potential customers to contact you.

Include a ‘Contact Us’ page, or post your email or phone number where it can be seen, in order to allow visitors to your website to get in touch with you.

#7 “The Text On Your Website Is Difficult To Read”

This is something which should really concern you if somebody says this to you. After all. the content on your website’s pages is what is supposed to get your message across to potential clients and customers about how good your product or service is.

If it is poorly written, is stuffed full of too many keywords, and is full of errors and typos, then the message they will get is that you do not care, and accept sloppy standards.

If you think the text and content on your website are not as good as they should be, or if any of the other issues are causing you concern, then get in touch so we can talk about upgrading your website, and attracting more customers to your business.

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